Bank mortgage fraud

Bank Mortgage Loan Fraud

Bank Lender Fraud Law Suit Litigation has increased since the 50 States Attorneys General Investigation confirmed Bank Employees’ statements that they purposely mishandled even forged signatures on documents and the Federal Government’s order to at first only 16 Major Banks to reimburse homeowners improperly foreclosed upon. More homeowners are seeing positive results from continued Bank lender Fraud law suit litigation settlements


Homeowners typically can and are willing to make above market monthly rent or lease payments for the length of time it takes them to clear up any past and current credit issues that normally are a direct result of a predatorily originated toxic loan. CPAC (DE) wants you to know that there are CONSUMER PROTECTION laws that may make that mortgage contract simply invalid and unenforceable therefore it might not be foreclosed upon. If you should have any Bank Lender Fraud questions, or need our legal services, feel free to contact our office.


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